Our Baby Shoes

SHOOBEES features

  • Soft Leather – 100% soft natural leather, lightweight and comfortable. Allows little feet to breathe, keeping them warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.
  • Non-Slip – Brushed leather soles give the shoes a non-slip effect when our little ones are on the move, protecting your baby’s delicate feet on any surface, clean or dirty.
  • Soft Soles – Soft soles allow your baby to feel and grip the ground and gain their balance naturally. This natural balance can determine the healthy development of their foot, leg and spine.
  • Wide Fit – Gives your baby room to grip and spread their toes to keep their balance as well as leaving room to grow unrestricted with that bare foot feeling.
  • Elasticated Ankle – Enables the shoe to slip on and STAY ON, regardless of what stage your baby is at.
  • Easy to Clean – Use a damp cloth with some mild detergent and leave them to dry with some paper stuffed inside them. For the bottom of the shoe, you can use a wire brush if the sole is marked or to regain some grip if it has flattened over time.
  • BEST thing is a baby wipe – wipe them clean with one, you’ll be surprised at the results!
  • Friendly Leather – SHOOBEES leather is tanned in an Eco-Friendly way that is safe for babies. The dyes are non-toxic and colourfast. SHOOBEES Baby shoes comply with British/EU EN71-3 & BS5665 (safety of toys & Toxic Element test) so are safe if mouthed.

How do I get my SHOOBEES?!

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100% Soft baby-friendly leather   •   Flexible non-slip sole   •   Elasticated ankle design   •   Allows toes to wiggle and grow   •   Safe colour-fast dyes